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We are a group of specialists and professionals in the field of health and information technology who unite the different knowledge to create software and services that could meet the needs of companies in the health sector.



Mediseon has been delivering software development and R&D services to clients in 30 countries worldwide. Check the reasons why clients prefer us:

  • IT team consists of skillful developers;
  • Our experts completed +30 healthcare projects successfully;
  • We do not miss deadlines;
  • Our developers are armed with the latest technology stack.



Custom Software Development

Our team has experience in providing Custom Software Development services from scratch. Whether you are looking to develop a CRM system or custom telehealth solutions, we offer the software development services you need. We build among others: patient management systems, hospital information system software, cloud-based telemedicine software development, HD video-conferencing software for virtual appointments or electronic prescription software.

Dedicated Development Teams & Outsourcing IT

If your company is under pressure to maintain an IT team or develop software development in a tight budget, you should outsource a portion of your IT operations or rent an IT team. We offer a dedicated team of developers with project manager, backend and frontend developers.

Mobile Healthcare Apps

The development of mobile applications for the healthcare sector is rapidly growing. Currently, we can find approximately 48 000 healthcare apps on iTunes! We deliver user-friendly mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Windows that help in health monitoring or facilitate communication between doctors and patients.

Medical Website Design

Perfect website designs with content bring more traffic. We can offer you a dedicated graphics and developers team who will create the site of your dreams! We know how to create a high impact on the community by medical articles with translation +30 languages. Our websites are mobile-friendly and optimized for SEO purposes.  

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