SEO Dictionary for non-tech people


We created such an article covering basics SEO, especially for You scholars! – by reading it you will learn how to improve the website’s position without being IT type of person?

Panda, Penguin or Koliber do you associate them with nice animals, not as a type of Google algorithm? We roger that You do not want to think about the exact mechanisms of the search engine, but you want to do something to improve the position of your website? Below we show you what you can do to make your great website more Google-friendly in three simple steps.

Proposed by us changes can be done without any major problems in most CMS systems (if you have a website on WordPress, we recommend using the popular Yoast plugin).


Both the main page and each subpage to which you want to direct traffic from the search engine should have a completed Title Tag. It should not be too short (at least 40 characters) or too long ( max 55 characters). Following that rules will make title to appear completely in Google search results.

It’s a good idea to include keywords in this short phrase that you would like to position the page with. Remember – quality, not quantity! The text you enter will be the official title of your website in the Google search results page.


This field is shown as a short description of what is on a given subpage. It should be shorter than 145-155 characters, but it is not worth shortening too much, because it is a great tip for Google, which will find on our site.

Our tip is to find a place there for the main keywords and taking some time to make this text attractive to the reader and encouraging you to visit our site. Include a call to action! In the end, this description will be seen by users in the search results of the site.



It is said that the picture expresses more than 100 words. In SEO, however, the word still reigns supreme. That is why it is so important to describe each of the images used by us with the label „alt”. It will allow Google to determine what’s on the photo you’ve published.

Sometimes it may also turn out that if you do not have a chance to find photos of your company on the first page of picture search results in the text search, we are able to fight for our graphics to display themselves looking for the phrase we are interested in.

It is said that the picture expresses more than 100 words. In SEO, however, the word still reigns supreme.
– Mediseon


alt text for images


Above mentioned techniques do not, of course, cover the full topic of website optimization SEO on Google. However, this is something that everyone can do on their own without programming intervention. In many cases, this will gradually bring noticeable effects.

In others, if there are errors on the page, if you are slow to load, programming corrections may be necessary to improve your position. Just like valuable links to our site. If your business competes with industry giants, which websites are linked by a huge amount of government agencies, we may not have a chance to organic breakthrough with our offer on the first page for a long time.


Many entrepreneurs look at the SEM – AdWords (which today is called Google Ads) and positioning as solutions, from which they have to choose one. Meanwhile, the best results bring their sensible combination. Before we get the first effects of organic positioning, we can acquire customers using AdWords. The information we get from the ads will show us the direction in which we should go to generate the traffic on which we earn the most.

Written by:
Mat Lagowski